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Amazon S3 Pricing and Comparison With Close Rivals


Amazon S3, the simple storage service for Internet makes web-scale computing effortless for developers. It offers a simple web service interface for storing and retrieving any quantity of information anywhere on the web at any point of time.

In this post, let us discuss the Amazon S3 pricing in detail, and compare it with other similar services.


Amazon S3 provides all developers easy access to the highly reliable, fast, secure, scalable, and inexpensive infrastructure, which is used by Amazon to execute and manage its own global on-line network. The service mainly passes all the benefits of scaling to the developers.

Amazon S3 Vs Dropbox

Amazon S3 has got many positive aspects; for instance, it can be used with other products. and there is reduced redundancy choice (99.9%), which is a bit cheaper.

However, many users prefer Dropbox because it costs only $10/month for 50G; on the contrary contrary, S3 costs $5/month for 20G, which makes Dropbox a viable option. The other benefit of Dropbox is that it comes with its own client, resembling a drive on the computer.

Amazon S3 Vs Google Storage

Google storage is presently open to only some developers in the US. It is a tough competitor to the cloud based web solutions of Amazon family like Amazon EC2, S3, and CloudFront.

When you compare Amazon S3 and Google Storage for developers, the most important aspect would obviously be the speed of loading images, and heavy files. Google Storage is amazingly fast for loading small and medium sized images with respect to S3, but S3 scores over Google storage in terms of loading large size images. So, the choice would largely depend upon the requirements of a developer intending to purchase the service.

Amazon S3 Pricing

You can begin using Amazon S3 without any commitments or set-up fees. The charges for a particular month will be charged from your credit card automatically. You can view the details of your billing by logging into your Amazon web services account.

Getting Started: You can get started free of charge with Amazon S3 with AWS Free Usage Tier. Once you are registered, you will get 5GB standard storage, 2000 Put Requests, 20000 Get Requests, 15 GB each for data transfer in and out; all these are for a single month for one year.

You can find more details of the Amazon S3 pricing here.

The volume of storage that is billed in a month depends on the utilization of average storage throughout the month, which includes the meta-data and object data stored in buckets.

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