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How to Become a Successful VPS Hosting Provider

Becoming a successful VPS hosting provider isn't too easy, but if you get the basics right, then you can easily establish a strong-hold in the field, and run a profitable business effortlessly; find how the common challenges faced by VPS hosts!

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6 Factors That Indicate a Business May be Adversely Affected by Web Host!

Quality of web hosting can have a direct impact on the website hosted on the server, and here are six factors that indicate negative impact of host on business.

4 Trends that Clearly Show Why Cloud Computing Is Far From Mature!

Cloud computing could certainly be a promising option, but the cloud technology is still far from being mature; here are 4 elements that indicate the same!

5 Essential Features That Can Help You Become Successful Reseller Host

If you want your reseller hosting business to flourish, it's imperative that it has these 5 critical elements in it.

3 Ways Cloud Computing Helps in Optimizing Procurement and Logistics

Optimizing Procurement and Logistics process using cloud computing could perhaps be the last thing on the minds of conventional business owners, but it's true that the results can be simply fantastic; here's an insight.

5 of the Emerging Cloud Computing Trends of 2014

Cloud computing has truly revolutionized the way businesses are carried out, and here's a quick insight into top 5 promising cloud computing trends of 2014.

How Not to End Up Overcharging Your Web Hosting Customers?

A sure-fire way of losing customers is to overcharge them, be it for the regular hosting services or add-ons like cloud backups, domain name registration and renewals. Here's how not to overcharge your valuable hosting customers.

Success and Failures of Cloud Computing – SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are often treated as tech jargon, not just by the common man, but even plenty of folks in IT industry, who don't quite understand the significance and meaning of each of them, which is why we've created this post to throw some light on each of them, their successes and failures.

4 Affordable Options for Startups to Get Started with Cloud Computing

Many small companies often tend to think that making a move to the cloud could be a costly affair, so they don't easily consider cloud hosting options. So, here are 4 cost-effective choices for small firms to get started with cloud computing.

The Image Makeover of AWS in Web Hosting Industry

It's quite interesting to see how the perception of people in cloud industry has changed so quickly about AWS, and how it currently dominates the Iaas markets.

4 Pointers to Make the Right Choice between Custom and Commodity Clouds

This post provides a fair comparison of custom and commodity clouds, throwing light on pros and cons of each of them, along with handy pointers that can help in assisting your clients with greater clarity in the process of making a more suitable choice

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