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How to Become a Successful VPS Hosting Provider

Becoming a successful VPS hosting provider isn't too easy, but if you get the basics right, then you can easily establish a strong-hold in the field, and run a profitable business effortlessly; find how the common challenges faced by VPS hosts!

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Success and Failures of Cloud Computing – SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are often treated as tech jargon, not just by the common man, but even plenty of folks in IT industry, who don't quite understand the significance and meaning of each of them, which is why we've created this post to throw some light on each of them, their successes and failures.

4 Affordable Options for Startups to Get Started with Cloud Computing

Many small companies often tend to think that making a move to the cloud could be a costly affair, so they don't easily consider cloud hosting options. So, here are 4 cost-effective choices for small firms to get started with cloud computing.

The Image Makeover of AWS in Web Hosting Industry

It's quite interesting to see how the perception of people in cloud industry has changed so quickly about AWS, and how it currently dominates the Iaas markets.

4 Pointers to Make the Right Choice between Custom and Commodity Clouds

This post provides a fair comparison of custom and commodity clouds, throwing light on pros and cons of each of them, along with handy pointers that can help in assisting your clients with greater clarity in the process of making a more suitable choice

Types of Hosting

Let us take a look at all the different types of hosting and see what kinds of requirements do each of them cater to.

Mobile Device Security Must be Prime Focus of a Hosting Provider

Security of mobile devices is quickly becoming a serious concern with the surge of malware and phishing attacks on mobile users. So, here's why hosting providers must focus upon this aspect very carefully.

Insight into IaaS Cloud Services and the Buzz About Price Cuts

The competition in IaaS arena is only getting fierce with each passing day as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and all the big guns are slashing their prices to attract the customers. In this mad race, the small players are quite likely bound to get squashed off!

Cloud Storage Gaining Attention of Google, Microsoft and Other Big Guns

The potential of cloud storage market isn't unseen anymore, to say the least. And, now even the big guns like Microsoft and Google are betting big on cloud markets.

Data Breach Costing Big to Companies Due to Unapproved Cloud Apps

Reports of data breaches due to unauthorized cloud apps have been on the rise, but how costly can such breaches really turn out to be, for the enterprises? This article outlines how deep cloud storage solutions and other apps have penetrated deep into most of the IT firms.

5 Myths about Cooling and Power in Data Centers

Here are a few common myths related to data center hosting

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