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Email Hosting

E-mail hosting becomes crucial for organizations that are in need of comprehensive email exchange solutions to take care of growing needs of the employees for accessing their emails from remote places.

Preventing e-Mail Spoofing on a cPanel Server
E-mail authentication feature in cPanel helps you know about nature of incoming e-mails, and discard unwanted e-mails to prevent mail spoofing.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Email Archiving Solution
Here's a master guide to pick the best cloud email archiving solution for your business.

Symantec Hosted Mail Security Review
Here's a comprehensive review of Symantec hosted mail security solution, and it can help you in assessing how it can help in enhancing security.

SmarterMail 7.x Mail Server Review
Here's a comprehensive review of SmarterMail 7.x Mail Server covering everything that this mail exchange solution, which serves as a superb alternative to the costlier solutions like MS Exchange.

What Should an Email Host Really Offer?
Email web hosting is gaining popularity as everyone needs a reliable e-mail host. Hence, one must know the elements of becoming an ideal email host.

Providing Company Email Hosting the Right Way
There are tons of firms that offer company email hosting services, but not many of them are really proficient! A very few firms focus mainly upon email hosting services, and unfortunately most of them come up with a complex system that frustrates the common man - so are you really offering providing proficient email hosting services?

Prepare to Compete with Top Email Hosting Companies in the Market
Have you ever wondered about launching your own email hosting service? Well, first off, you must have a tete-a-tete with the offerings of the top email hosting companies that currently dominate the market, and then see where you can excel over their services.

5 Critical Features Required in an E-mail Hosting Package
If you're offering business email hosting services, then you must offer a few critical ones, and here are 5 such must-have features.

How Does Secure E-mail Encryption Safeguard Online Businesses?
Let's take a look at the importance of e-mail encryption for online businesses, and how it can safeguard their day-to-day business operations.

IMAP Email Hosting vs. POP3 Email Hosting
When it comes to offering hosted email solutions, then you need to be know about POP3 email hosting, IMAP business email hosting, and understand the major differences between these two choices.

4 E-mail Security Tips You Should Educate Your Hosting Customers About
This article covers a few basic, yet so crucial e-mail security tips that every web hosting/email hosting provider must offer to its customers to minimize the chances of their emails getting hacked.

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