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Web Server Colocation

There are several benefits of web server colocation, which is why several hosting companies consider this option.

Why Do Few Hosting Companies Build Their Own Data Centers?
Here's an insight into various pros and cons of leasing and building a data center.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Systems
This post throws light on the top advantages of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Systems.

Significance of Server Location in Overseas Hosting
Have you ever considered the significance of server location in overseas hosting? Well, here's all that you need to know about pros and cons of hosting your website elsewhere.

What is Web Server Colocation
Put in simple words, web server colocation is the process of maintaining control over your website without worrying about the Internet access. Find out how web server colocation can help your business.

Managed vs Unmanaged Server Colocation
When you consider web server colocation, you can opt for managed as well as unmanaged colocation options. Here's a brief comparison of managed vs unmanaged web server colocation.

Colocation Rack Space
Colocation rack space refers to the amount of storage space required by the server in colocation facility, and of course the colocation charges depend primarily upon this aspect; find out more.

Colocation Extra Fees
Find out more about the extra colocation costs that you need to bear, such as remote reboots, DNS hosting, number of IPs, firewalls, back-ups etc.

How Can You Offer Colocation Server Hosting Services Efficiently?
When it comes to offering web server colocation services, there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration, and here are 4 such crucial aspects that you simply can't afford to overlook.

Understanding a Web Server Colocation Center
A colocation center is a kind of data center where collocation services can be provided. This concept permits more than one customer to find out network, storage gear, and use the common resources, but it's an economical option to dedicated hosting.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Also Gaining Popularity
Introduction of DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), has been the latest sensation in the industry; here's all you need to know about cloud-based backup solutions.

Self-Managed and Managed Hosting Packages Compared
When it comes to comparison of managed vs. self-managed hosting services, it all boils down to specific needs of a customer. And, here are the basic differences between the two.

Differences between Colocated and Dedicated Server Hosting
When it comes to choosing a server for a small to midsize business, business either go with web server colocation or rent a dedicated server; so, let's compare both the options.

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