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Basics of Web Hosting

Web hosting is the fundamental aspect that is not just extremely crucial in determining success of your online website marketing campaign, but also something that has an immense impact on any online business. It's necessary to know how to select a good web hosting provider, and understand the different types of web hosting, including pros, and cons of each of them.
  1. Learn How to Market Your Hosting Packages (3)

Quick Fixes for Internal Server Errors
An internal server error can be caused due to lot of things such as insufficient permissions, and here are a few basic steps that can help you in fixing it.

5 Myths about Cooling and Power in Data Centers
Here are a few common myths related to data center hosting, and a few issues involved.

How to Help Your Hosting Customers Save on Cloud Storage?
When it comes to cloud storage, here are a few handy tips that can help your customers in saving big.

5 Handy Tips to Assess a Web Hosting Companys Reliability Factor
So, what is it that decides if customers treat a particular brand as a reliable web hosting company in the market? Well, here are a few parameters that can be analyzed.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to IIS 8 Hosting
Just one look at Windows IIS 8 will you plenty of reasons to choose, but here are 5 major reasons why you should consider switching over to an IIS 8 server.

5 Effective Ways to Design Your Hosting Offers and Promotional Packages
When it comes to growing your hosting business, seasonal offers play a crucial role, and those big discounts can be a game-changer if you push them out at the right time, and in the right manner; here's how you can do it!

4 Reasons Why Customers Love Buying Hosting Packages from Local Hosts
No matter how good your business reach is, targeting the local markets is always a fantastic idea, especially as a web hosting provider since the local clients seem to be more comfortable dealing with a local vendor.

Basic Hosting Tutorial: Understanding Network Tools Function in cPanel
Network Tools can be used for troubleshooting several issues and performing basic WhoIs look-up etc in a jiffy; read on to discover all about the various network tools in cPanel.

5 Reasons to Offer WordPress Cloud Hosting to Your Customers
You must be aware of benefits of WordPress and cloud hosting, but may not have explored the goodness of WordPress cloud hosing, and if it so happens to be the case, then you're missing out on something really great!

4 Things That Web Hosts Must Focus On
Wondering what the secret to keeping your web hosting customers happy really is! Here's all that you need to know about keeping the customer satisfaction and retention rates sky-high.

4 Requirements That You Should Meet as a PCI Hosting Provider
If you want to be counted amongst the top PCI hosting providers, you ought to take care of a few basic things to be on the good books of potential clients.

Diversifying Your Business Generation Strategies to Promote Your Hosting Business
Web hosting affiliates tend to generate thousands of customers for most of the big hosting providers in the industry. But, is your hosting affiliate program enticing enough to keep the affiliates interested?

Multiple Domain Extensions Help in Safeguarding Identity of Your Online Business
When you launch a website for your business, .com or .us may be the obvious domain extension choice, but you must also try to grab all possible domain extensions to safeguard the online identity of your business.

Guide to Switching Web Hosts Seamlessly
Here's a master guide to switching web hosts without encountering any technical hiccups, and going through the unwanted down-times.

Website Security Should Now be Your USP as a Host Today!
Whenever there's any security-related concern, customers always turn towards their web hosts at the first place, so I decided to compile an article discussing the website security aspects that need to be kept into consideration.

Rackspace or Amazon EC2 - What Do You Prefer?
Amazon EC2 has been the dominant player in the market, until Rackspace entered the cloud arena, and it soon turned out to be a great choice for SMEs - read on to discover why I moved onto Rackspace, and figure out should you actually do the same or not!

The Best Shared Web Hosting Providers
The Best Shared Web Hosting Providers in the market have been reviewed briefly herein.

Buy a Shared Hosting Package: Your Checklist of 8 Basic Things
Buying a shared web hosting package isn't as easy as it sounds; you may get overwhelmed with the amount of options in the market. If you're buying your first web hosting package, then here are some important aspects to consider, in order to make a well informed decision, and find the best deal on shared hosting packages.

Glossary of Web Terms
This article presents a handy glossary of web terms commonly used by webmasters across the globe. However, rather than covering all the niches, it is a specific web terminology glossary related to just hosting.

Understanding the Concept of Ubiquitous Computing
Ubiquitous Computing, also known as pervasive computing, is a unique computing concept that involves the dream of technology being everywhere and still being virtually inexistent or invisible; in simple words, to turn the virtual reality inside out!

Understanding a Data Center and Its Management
For those new to the web hosting field, it's natural to seek answer to the basic question "what is data center" and how to manage it. Looking at real time examples, all financial institutions make use of data centers; here's an insight.

Tips for Kick-Starting a Web Hosting Business
Web hosting is one of the best businesses that one can get stared with, that too without really shelling out too much money. Here are some handy tips for starting a web hosting business, and running it successfully in the longer run.

Understanding What Bandwidth Really Is
Web hosting providers often lure the customers with catchy lines like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space etc, so for those who've this basic question in mind - "what is bandwidth", let's bust the myths about bandwidth concerns!

Is There Really a Host That Provides Unlimited Hosting?
Sure thing, most of the folks fall for catchy features like unlimited space web hosting in a hosting package, but then they soon discover the limitations of unlimited disk-space and bandwidth in the web hosting industry...

Lack of Support to All Web Technologies Can Hamper Your Business
If all the web pages of a website are to be viewed by all the Internet users out there, then the website needs to be hosted on a reliable public server that supports all modern web technologies. Now when it comes to servers and hosting, things totally depend upon the needs of an individual. While some of the web apps, and specific features of a...

Are You Providing Inexpensive Web Hosting Packages?
Everyone wants inexpensive web hosting packages, and those amazingly low figures look simply irresistible to the customers, which is why you need to ensure that you give an enticing deal to your customers.

Quality of web hosting always has a big impact on interactive marketing campaigns, and it can be a boon or a disaster to the organic SEO of the website, depending upon quality of service.

Insight into Dedicated Hosting vs Virtual Hosting
Here's an insight into differences between VPS and dedicated hosting, and a quick lowdown on the various aspects from customers' perspective as well as providers' perspective.

Top Web Hosting FAQs and Tips for Dealing with Confused Customers
Here are the top web hosting questions asked by the customers, and answers to all those questions, along with some tips for the hosting providers to win the customers over.

The Need for Clustered Hosting and Insight into Its Benefits
Those who don't have a fair understanding of the concept of clustered hosting, here's a brief overview, and quick insight into its benefits.

Does Your Hosting Firm Have Its USP and Does It Really Matter?
Unless you focus on a particular niche hosting market, and establish your stronghold in a small niche such as video hosting, you won't be able to compete with the bigger players in the hosting industry. So, does your firm have its USP?

Top Reasons Why Your Customers May Seek Offshore Hosting
Here is a quick insight into the top reasons why your customers may seek offshore hosting.

Benefits of Using WHOIS Look-up Service
Here are some the ways in which, a WHOIS look-up service can help not just the website owners, but even web hosting providers.

3 Tips for Small Hosting Businesses to boost their Profits
Here are 3 vital tips for small hosting businesses to boost their revenues and overall profit margins from their existing clientele without even spending a penny!

How to Attract Customers by Offering 24x7 Chat Support and Video Tutorials
When you're running a hosting business, you always need to add value to your customers, and stand out of the competition. Apart from offering them enticing hosting packages, adding video tutorials and offering 24x7 live chat help can be a great idea to gain popularity in the hosting markets.

Offering Business Design and Hosting Services to Small Web Companies
When it comes to small web-based businesses, most of them tend to prefer web design, hosting, and maintenance solutions under one roof, so offering such all-in-one packages to small web-based companies can be a profitable idea.

Does Your Website Have the Latest Web Hosting Articles?
Putting some engaging web hosting articles on your website, and covering the latest hosting industry news can be one of the best ways of exposing your brand to the world. If you haven't been doing it, here's an insight into top benefits of doing so.

5 Awesome Benefits of Remote Server Monitoring Tools
Remote Server Monitoring Tools provide a host of benefits, which help a great deal in boosting the customer satisfaction, and in turn, retention rates. Here are 5 such awesome benefits of using these tools.

4 Features That You Need Not Promote in Your Web Hosting Packages
Never try to advertise these basic features as value-added services in your hosting packages, then you want to be laughed upon!

Types of Web Hosting
Insight into various types of web hosting ranging from shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, down to public, shared, and hybrid cloud environments.

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