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How to Provide Effective Digital Media Hosting Service


A good digital media hosting service has become a basic need for many businesses today, thanks to the rapid growth of digital media in today’s world. Beginner level webmasters may be wondering as to why one may need such a service, which the small web hosting agencies may have never considered this option at all. So, let's first look at the current and future prospects of digital media hosting markets, before we pounce upon the factors that make an ideal package.

Need for Digital Media Hosting Service

Just imagine that you have a media site with some media pages that are faring pretty well with just a remote or local server. As the days pass by, with the increase in traffic, you will definitely feel the need to upgrade to a private server. There are also chances that things could go beyond your control with the massive traffic load, making it difficult for you to monitor things. This is where a digital media hosting service steps into picture, assisting your site to withstand all the traffic surges.

So, now that you’ve decided to go for a media hosting service, the next big question is which service should you choose? There are several media hosting service providers in the market today that it is not easy to make the right decision. In such a situation, there are certain traits of a great digital media hosting service, which you have to look into, while making the selection.

Features of a Good Digital Media Hosting Service

A good media hosting service should be highly secure and reliable, while it should also have affordable hosting plans for different segments of customers. An ideal plan should not only encompass the regular stuff like email, FTP, regular backups in addition to site traffic analysis and reports that can help you to analyze things better, but also several other value added services. And, this is where you can outsmart your rivals as a digital media hosting service provider, even if you're relatively new to the market.

It's Not Just About the Essentials

A beginner level webmaster may not be too keen on buying a hosting package with the value added services at additional cost, but if you incorporate them on "Pay As You Go" model, then there are very high chances that you may end up generating at least 20-30% additional revenues with these value added services.

Thinking Beyond the Obvious

Most of the renowned digital media host offer so-called unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and up-to-date computing technologies, so you'll have to think beyond the obvious… For instance, how about a 24x7 server monitoring facility, and how about daily-backups which are billed to customers only when they decide to use them.

I've seen companies charging as low as $1 per GB of backup taken, which really sounds affordable but the bad part of the story is that when those backups are badly needed, the customer might discover them to be corrupt, or overwritten by some age old version of another backup that was taken couple of months ago.

In reality, I've observed that most of these cheap backup services never work properly, but customers essentially end up paying extra money for no obvious reason, and to add to the misery, they don't have their value data backed up when they need it the most.

Adding True Value to Your Clients' Business

On the contrary, if you take the pain of setting up a proper backup & server monitoring system, and charge even $10 per GB of data accessed/recovered by the customers, I'm pretty sure that your customers would not mind paying the extra money when they desperately need the backups. As a matter of fact, they might even pay you $100 or $1000 per GB of valuable data recovered, but then we're not talking about exploiting the customers during bad times… What I essentially mean is that you can offer some quality services that actually add value to your customers’ business, in order to distinguish yourself from others in the market, rather than just calling them "Value Added Services", without adding any real value to the customers, and their business.

Last, but definitely not the least, you'll have to certainly learn to respect every single customer, and listen to what they've got to say in their feedback, and address all the issues immediately, otherwise you can forget about your plans of expanding your clientele, and grabbing more market-share. As the good old saying goes, it takes years to build good rapport, but just few seconds to ruin it! Irate customers will certainly spread the bad word out, while the happy customers may not really bother to share their experience with hundreds of folks.

Therefore, if you really want to dominate the hosting industry, you'll need to have the power of word of mouth by your side, and that'd be only possible when you succeed to keep all your existing customers happy.

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