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Starting a Web Hosting Company

Learn what it takes to starting a web hosting company, and try out those tricks and tips for starting a web hosting business, given by experts in the industry who've been there, and done that!

5 Tips for Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Hosting Business
If you're starting a new web hosting company, then the most crucial aspect is choosing the name, and a domain for it. Here are a few handy tips to help you out.

6 Things to Review Before You Think of Starting a Web Hosting Business
If you're thinking of starting a web hosting business, then here are the top things you need to review, to ensure success in the longer run. If you go wrong with the business, then you'd never be able to sustain the business, and build it over the years.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Web Hosting Sales Figures
Here are 5 awesome ways to pump up the numbers of your hosting sales, and ending an year on a positive note, and starting the next one with great confidence.

What Makes the Perfect Windows Web Hosting Plan?
Ever wondered what is it that customers look for in an ideal Windows Web Hosting Plan, and what really makes it just the perfect one that can lure any customer without a second thought? Well, here are 5 pointers!

Things to Consider Before You Scale-up a Hosting Empire
Growing a small to mid-size hosting businesses in a larger empire isn't too tough, but it's always easier said than done! There are lot of things to be considered, and this post throws more light on the same.

Tips for Kick-Starting a Web Hosting Business
Web hosting is one of the best businesses that one can get stared with, that too without really shelling out too much money. Here are some handy tips for starting a web hosting business, and running it successfully in the longer run.

3 Things to Remember Before Kicking-Off a Hosting Business
Before you think of kicking-off a new hosting business, there are several crucial things to be taken into consideration, and here are 3 aspects that you simply can't afford to overlook.

4 Tips for Selecting Name of Your New Web Hosting Firm
When it comes to naming your web hosting firm, it's crucial to make this decision by keeping several important factors into consideration; so here's what you need to remember.

What's Preventing the Expansion of Your Hosting Business?
When you think about expanding your hosting business, at times, you may be totally clueless because you probably never planned too much about the future expansion, and never created a business plan and defined the scope for expansion in it.

How to Start a Hosting Business from Home?
Here are a few tips to start a hosting business from home, without shelling a lot of money.

Have You Ever Considered FFmpeg Hosting?
Does the term FFmpeg hosting ring a bell in your ears? Don't be too surprised - there are plenty of web hosts, who've been focusing mainly on shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, and never bothered to discover such niche hosting markets; find out everything about FFmpeg Hosting here.

Web Site Hosting Business
Web site hosting is one of the online businesses that don't require substantial investment upfront, and you don't require any special skills to become a web hosting provider. Here are some handy tips to succeed in web site hosting arena.

Before You Start a Web Hosting Company
Starting a web hosting company is one of the easiest ways to make money online; however, there are several things to be considered before you start off your business, to ensure success in the short, as well as long run.

Beware of Cheap Reseller Hosting Issues While Starting Your Hosting Business
Well, you get what you pay for, and the cheap reseller hosting packages are a fine example of this good old saying. If you're planning to run a web hosting business just replying on a so-called cheap unlimited web hosting package that offers 100gb windows reseller hosting space (or something similar), then you should perhaps think again.

Ideal Traits of a Web Hosting Service Provider
Making it big in the hosting arena isn't a cakewalk - it takes a lot to become a successful web hosting provider, wow the customers, and retain majority of them, apart from generating new leads constantly. Find out the ideal traits of a web host here.

What Really Defines the Best Web Hosting Provider?
It takes a lot to establish your identity as a reliable web host in the market, and to be called one of the best web hosting providers. So, let's see some of the important traits of an ideal web host.

The Need for Budget Web Hosting
If you want to target the small-to-mid-size businesses, it's essential to offer budget web hosting plans that cater to needs of wide range of users rather than just SMEs and corporate giants.

Guide to Starting a Web Hosting Business as a Reseller
Starting a web hosting business can be the best way for those who want to become an entrepreneur, but feel that they don't have enough capital to float their own company, or a full fledged business.

What Does It Take to Become a Great Web Hosting Provider?
A great web hosting provider offers plethora of great features, amazing customer support and much more than an ordinary host. Making a mark in this competitive hosting market isn't that easy, and it takes a lot more than getting the basics right.

Becoming a Successful Low Cost Web Hosting Provider
Nobody can give you the blue-print of becoming a successful low cost web hosting provider, but here are some trade secrets that can help you in establishing your identity in today's competitive shared hosting market.

Did You Ever Wonder Who'd Like to Buy Web Hosting Packages That You Sell?
It's essential to analyze who'd like to buy web hosting packages that you offer, and why; if you offer competitive pricing, it's not essential that customers would run to you, as there are tons of competitors in the market... So, even before your potential customers actually think of putting their money on your hosting packages, you should...

Ever Thought About Providing Web Hosting for Mac?
Indeed, when we talk about starting a web hosting firm, not many people would think about starting web hosting services for Mac, but the sheer fact that there are no reputed firms in the market, makes it a lucrative business venture, to say the least.

Why Are Cheap Web Hosting Yearly Deals So Popular?
These days, everyone wants cheap web hosting yearly plans, rather than paying high monthly rentals for web servers. A good hosting firm must always offer attractive yearly packages; here's more to it.

Windows vs Linux Hosting: A Brief Comparison
When it comes to choice of hosting platform, while starting a web hosting business, things can be quite tricky, because it's not just about studying the demand in the market. One needs to worry about initial investment, licensing costs, maintenance issues, and look at the long term perspective; so, here's a quick comparison of Windows and Linux...

What Do Small Business Owners Want from a Host?
So, what really defines the best small business web hosting package according to a small business owner? Here are 3 crucial traits that make or break a deal!

What Should You Choose as a Host: Windows or Linux?
As a web host, choice of Windows and Linux hosting platform can be quite tricky, especially if you haven't identified your potential customers.

Tips to Provide Effective Digital Media Hosting Service
A good digital media hosting service may definitely attract a few customers early on, but only a great service provider would be able to rule the media hosting vertical.

How to Promote Your Hosting Business with Value Added Services and Freebies
You must always look at newer ways to promote your web hosting business, and you shouldn't even mind offering value added services to your customers free of cost, along with your best-selling hosting packages to increase the business volume. BrainHost has recently proved this point by offering free design services.

4 Essentials Elements of an E-Commerce Hosting Package
An e-commerce hosting package must offer everything that's required for managing an e-commerce site seamlessly, right from a shopping cart, ease of adding products and managing them; here's an insight into the top 4 critical components of an e-commerce hosting package.

Common Problems Encountered While Starting a Hosting Business as Reseller
Here's a lowdown at the 3 common roadblocks that may prevent you from becoming a hosting reseller, and a few handy tips to take care of these issues.

Ideas for Launching a Small business: Web hosting Can be an Ideal Pick
Those who've been craving to launch their very own small business, web hosting is certainly a great choices as it requires minimal investments during the early stages; so, here's all that you need to know about starting a hosting business, and growing it into a profitable one.

Running a Hosting Firm vs. Working as Affiliate or Hosting Reseller
Should you think of running a hosting firm, working as an affiliate marketer or hosting reseller? Well, here are top reasons to consider each of these options, and some pointers to choose the best bet according to your situation.

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