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Promoting Your Hosting Firm with Innovative Campaigns


The thought of promoting your hosting packages with coupon codes and festive discounts has grown too old, so it’s about time you thought of some innovative; take a look at the latest move by 1&1 Host, which is clearly a fantastic move to grab the attention of millions of potential customers.

1&1 Host Announces 6 Months of Free Hosting for War Veterans

1&1 Host, one of the leading hosting and internet providers, recently announced the launch of an appreciation program for war veterans of America called "1&1 Veteran Appreciation Program". It is basically a free hosting plan for 6 months for small time businesses owned by the war veterans in the country. After the free period of 6 months, the enrolled customers will be charged nominally on monthly basis.

The monthly rates have been set at a decent figure of $19.99/month, but it's certainly not that cheap to say the least. The formal announcement was made through a press release on Oct 24, 2012.

At the press, it was also announced that 1&1 was the very first firm in this line of business to come with such an appreciation program for war veterans, the real American heroes. It was said that this was nothing but a very small token of appreciation towards those who dedicated their time and life for the safety of the country and fellow Americans.

Mr. Oliver Mauss, the CEO of 1&1, said that with this new effort, the company wanted to extend a little support to the alternative career chosen by the military people who while in service risked their precious lives every single day for the good of the country. He explained that with a right step in the Internet world, these special customers will easily be able to do great in the world of business. He also mentioned that this program was the first, and the only one of its kind in the history of hosting industry.

How Can You Replicate 1&1's Strategy as a Web Host?

It's essential to come up with an innovative marketing strategy as that of 1&1 to really make a mark in the market. But, the key is to create your own USP as a host, rather than trying to follow the foot-steps of other host, otherwise all your efforts would mostly go in vain.

The focus should be on improving your brand image in the market by offering something unique, yet without really losing out too much on your profit margins. Just the way it's tough to trigger a viral marketing campaign to promote a website, it's equally tough to devise an effective marketing campaign to promote your hosting packages. But, you can always look around and learn from what others are doing; for instance, Honda has just launched an exclusive version of Fit called "Honda Fit She's" for the female buyers. What really matters the most is to devise something enticing exclusively for a specific set of customers, and market the same effectively. However, you must not lose focus in the process, and the bottom-line must be to improve your brand recognition, and not just the profit margins.

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