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Hosting Tutorials

Web hosting tutorials are geared towards assisting the beginner levels users, and helping them getting acquainted with the nitty gritty.

How to Install New RPMs in WHM?
The WHM comes with a number of built-in RPMs, but if wish to a new software using RPMs in WHM, then here's a simple guide.

4 Fatal Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances of Growing Your Hosting Empire
If you want to build a big hosting empire, then you just can't afford to commit these blunders that can potentially ruin all your hard work!

All That You Need to Know About Deleting Plugins from cPanel
cPanel plug-ins may need to be removed for a variety of reasons, and this article briefs you about the process of uninstalling a plug-in from cPanel in a jiffy.

How to Run EasyApache via SSH
Easy Apache is a simple command line script that allows you to update and configure Apache web server. And, here's how you can run EasyApache through SSH.

Process of Manually Upgrading cPanel and WHM
cPanel can be updated manually by running a cPanel update script, especially when an urgent patch needs to be applied. On the other hand, it can be programmed to get auto-updated whenever an update is available. This article explains the process of updating cPanel manually.

Baby Steps fpr Setting Up a Fully Anonymous Reseller in cPanel
To protect interest of your hosting resellers, assigning the the right privileges is not the only way to keep their identity anonymous. Here are various means of keeping the account anonymous.

Learning How to Restore Backups to WHM
Here's a quick guide describing how to restore backups to the WHM for those who're trying their hands for the first time at performing such tasks.

How to Update MX Records via cPanel
Here's a quick guide describing the process of updating MX records via cPanel to host your emails and website/web apps across different servers.

Quick Pointers for Customizing WHM and Adding Remote Access Key
cPanel accounts can be customized with the logos, colors, and other specific things of your choice. You can even make use of remote access key for several advanced functionality, and this guide lists out the basic steps to do the same.

How to Speed-Up Your Wordpress-based Website?
Wordpress has become a popular website development platform, but you may not be too happy with the performance of the default WP set-up, so you can considerably increase the speed up of a WP-based website with the help of few plugins, and simple tricks.

Beginners Guide to Making Money as a Hosting Reseller
For those who want to know how much money they can really make, as a hosting reseller, here are some simple calculation, and a very straightforward game-plan to generate handsome profits.

How to Promote Your Hosting Business Through Social Media
Here's a basic guide describing how you may promote your web hosting business on social media, and grow its reach tremendously.

Guide to Promoting Your Hosting Deals Smartly
Promoting your web hosting deals through the outdated methods such as seasonal discounts and coupon codes isn't good enough to leave a lasting mark in the market; so, here's what you can learn from 1&1 hosting's latest move.

Managing the Billing Operations for a Hosting Firm
Here's the second part of our guide explaining how to setup billing operations for a hosting company; in this part, we'll cover the process of setting up support system, and maintaining records, and managing the accounts of customers.

Tips for Using Amazon S3 Hosting Services
Here are some cool tweaks and tips for using Amazon S3 hosting services more efficiently.

How to Set Up a Website Quickly
Setting up a website may seem like a daunting ask to a beginner level user who’s trying to start an online business, a personal blog, or just an informative website catering to a specific niche. In this tutorial we’ll see how to set up a website step-by-step within just 60minutes.

How to Use Google Web Hosting
How to Use Google Web Hosting

Understanding Who Needs Offshore Hosting and Why!
Offshore web hosting may be required for various reasons, some of which include high security, and inability to host gambling/pharmacy related websites within the country due to local laws. Here's everything that you need to know about offshore hosting.

What to Look For in a Premium Web Hosting Package?
Wondering what really makes up a premium web hosting package? Well, sadly every other host calls a package, premium hosting package, which is not true at all, so let's delve into the details of an ideal premium hosting package, and how you can keep your customers happy by providing one.

Giving That Cutting Edge to Your Web Hosting Solutions
Discover how your web hosting solutions can score over your close rivals, and secrets to becoming a successful web host, and much more!

Importance of Pricing in a Web Hosting Package
You must have seen tons of comparisons of the web hosting prices, but the point of compiling this article wasn't to simply regurgitate the same thing over, but to rather importance of pricing in a hosting package and how competitively it should be priced!

How to Set Up Billing Operations for a Hosting Company?
Just launched a new hosting firm, and trying to learn how to set-up billing operations for a hosting company? This comprehensive guide will help you in figuring out everything right from the billing system, order processing, support system, down to accounting, and record keeping.

Are You Merely Providing Space for Hosting a Website or Doing Real Business?
Hosting a website isn't just about web space, as well as the bare essentials, and a web host must thrive to offer all the value added services so as to meet the needs of every customer.

3 Tips to Improve Customer Retention Rate
Here's a quick guide for the web hosts to improve their customer retention rate and increase their business turnover.

Offering New Year Deals to Promote Your Hosting Packages
New Year is the best time to promote your hosting package, so here's an insight into various ways to promote your hosting business in the New Year.

Working with Right Set of Affiliates to Promote Your Hosting Packages
There are many ways of promoting your hosting business, and working with affiliates is one of the proven ways, but how do you know if you're really working with the right set of affiliate marketers? Read on, to find out more.

How to Learn from Your Mistakes and Expand Your Hosting Empire?
Web hosting is one of the most promising businesses in the technological world today, but planning for expansion requires meticulous planning; above all, it's all about learning from past mistakes, correcting them, and then moving on, ensuring that you don't commit the same mistakes in future.

Importance of Being Innovative in Marketing Your Hosting Packages
When it comes to marketing web hosting packages, being innovative is very crucial, otherwise you'd never be able to distinguish your offerings from thousands of similar options in the market.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Promoting Your Hosting Business with Coupons
Discount coupons can be a great way to draw the attention of anyone and everyone, so, here's a quick insight into top pros as well as cons of couponing approach.

Why Aren't All the Hosting Companies Created Equal?
Every web hosting company inherently faces big problems one or the other day, but it's their approach that really distinguishes a good web host from the ordinary ones.

3 Things to Look for in a Domain Name Registrar
This post discusses the various aspects to be considered before choosing domain registrar, and other precautions to be taken in the process of domain name registration.

Basic Steps to Rebuild PHP in WHM
Here are a few basic steps describing the process of rebuilding PHP in WHM interface. You'd be surprised to see that don't have to break your head too much going through dozens of tutorials to do this!

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