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Challenges of Managing a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Up-Close with Jeremy Sherwood - Cloud Strategist at ScienceLogic


As more organizations implement hybrid cloud operations, they're running into challenges around how to manage existing on-premises systems in tandem with new cloud services. Most of the traditional IT management tools are ill-equipped to provide complete visibility into internal and external resources. ScienceLogic recently announced enhancements to its flagship IT management platform to provide comprehensive support for hybrid cloud environments. Upgraded ScienceLogic Power-Packs provide organizations with advanced monitoring of Amazon Web Services and VMWare vCloud Director, enabling them to support today's dynamic infrastructure.

I just had a quick tete-a-tete with Jeremy Sherwood, ScienceLogic Cloud Strategist, to discuss the challenges of managing a hybrid cloud environment. And, here's what he had got to say.

Q: What trends are driving the enterprise shift toward hybrid cloud computing?

A: There is an increasing pressure for IT departments to do more with less, faster and at an affordable price point. As a result, we are seeing more and more organizations adopting a hybrid cloud computing model. We believe that every IT organization will run hybrid operations – whether that means multiple vendors and service providers or a mix of data center, public, private, and hybrid cloud assets.

Data center consolidation is one great example of IT departments making the shift to hybrid computing. Just like in the last couple of decades where virtualization tried to push server density to higher levels, cloud computing has caused data center consolidation. Every organization from federal, enterprise, all the way down to the SMB are being asked to drive for high density at lower rates. The only way to do that is with cloud computing.

Q:What are the challenges of managing a hybrid cloud environment with traditional IT management tools?

A:As more organizations implement hybrid cloud operations, they are running into challenges around how to manage existing on-premises systems in tandem with new cloud services. Traditional IT management tools are ill-equipped to provide complete visibility into internal and external resources.

Another aspect of visibility that plagues IT management tools is how to handle multi-tenancy and role and policy based environments. Traditional tools still look at a device as a device; a server as a server. With cloud computing those legacy ideologies don’t apply. Most organization will not implement a 100 percent public cloud strategy, instead opting for a hybrid approach. This means management tools must be equipped to handle legacy technology in tandem with next-generation devices that play by a completely different set of rules.

Q:What are the key elements needed in today's IT management tools to run hybrid cloud operations?

A: To manage today's dynamic infrastructure with "compute anywhere" requirements, IT management system views must seamlessly show service levels, health, availability and risk regardless of where individual service delivery resources (e.g., storage, database, Web servers, etc.) reside – in the data center or in the cloud.

IT management tools must also future proof your investment while still maintaining your legacy infrastructure into retirement. IE maximizes your TCO and ROI with one tool that can span the test of time and evolve with you as your business does.

Q:How does ScienceLogic help companies maximize IT operations and efficiency in the hybrid cloud environment?

A:The ScienceLogic platform was designed to support multi-tenant operations for service providers or enterprises. The ScienceLogic Smart IT software provides an ultra-flexible and unified monitoring and management platform for hybrid cloud and converged compute environments. Hundreds of ScienceLogic Power-Packs work out-of-the-box to collect data from any computing source and present actionable information in context that drive Smart IT policies. Our latest release with enhanced support for hybrid cloud environments provide smart monitoring policies that are highly automated for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware vCloud Director.

Before we ended the conversation, I asked him if he had any parting words, and he said - "Whether you are using the bleeding edge technology of tomorrow or using systems as a band-aid, ScienceLogic has one platform to meet all the needs of your private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure."

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