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Insight into Some of the Recent Hosting Scams


Just like any other industry, web hosting industry has also been hit by scams and scandals, many of which surfaced in last one year. Many leading hosting service providers were busted, and some of these scams were uncovered of late.

Web Hosting Review Sites are the Biggest Culprits

The series of loopholes, and scams indicated that these scandals start with the customers at the hosting review website levels. The hosting providers do some kind of internal tie-up with hosting service review websites to make sure that their service is listed in the list of top 10 or top 20 companies. One of the most recent examples was WebHostingStuff.com. In fact, the credibility of this review website was in question for last few years. It actually, became the perfect example of how hosting review sites have been bluffing with customers. All these while they have just tried to review the hosting companies to get more and more traffic to their homepage, without even revealing top 20 or 25 hosting firms. This has changed over the last few months after repeated complains and feedback from different corners. Earlier, all they showed was top 5 companies, (for which they were working as affiliates), and to see next 5 companies you needed to scroll to next page, which eventually became quite frustrating to visitors.

Web Spam Campaigns by HostGator Affiliates!

HostGator.com, one of the leading and most prestigious hosting service providers in the world, also has few skeletons in its closet.

The company is quite infamous for its awful affiliate spammers who do not shy away from going on a spam commenting spree every now and then. Although the company has repeatedly denied any kind of connecting with those spam campaigns, and they claim that those are run by their affiliates, so they have very little control over them, it's quite obvious that HostGator benefits very directly from these spam comments, as their affiliates do nothing but promote the company's deals and offers. So, while I'm not saying that HostGator may actually be responsible for all such campaigns, isn't it way too obvious that those affiliates may be receiving some extra incentives for running such campaigns on the web?

TopGreenHosts and GreenGeeks

Another big scam that did rounds was a hidden relation between GreenGeeks.com and TopGreenHost.com. It so happened that they were detected with few similar set of IPs that cleared the doubt that both these companies were basically one and the same. In last couple of years TopGreenHost.com completely went off-line, while GreenGeeks.com has been on and off, which is quite surprising. Both these companies carefully tried to juggle the customers between the limited and unlimited plans, which eventually surfaced up.

It is not surprising anymore that TopGreenHost.com was not the first one to go out of business after appearing in the top 25 list of WebHostingStuff.com.

These kinds of scams and scandals often manage to trick the customers quite easily as the customers are normally clueless about what happens behind those closed doors.

I'd be doing a round-up of all such spurious web hosting review sites shortly, and till then, I'd request the readers to be wary of all such dubious sources, which don't reveal the truth, but merely list 10 hosts as top 10 web hosting providers without really scrutinizing their quality of service, just because they work as affiliate to promote the hosting packages of those companies.

Not Scam, Yet Not-so-Obvious

Moving over to Amazon Cloud Services, we know that it is one of the best cloud services out there, and is yet to be matched by any other in its league. Having said so, despite being the biggest cloud service provider, it shockingly fails to offer some of the basic key services. Well, I'm not tagging this as a scam by any means, and all the details of service that you buy from them, are clearly mentioned in their terms and conditions, but picture this; you buy their services and realize that you don't even have features like file sync and back-up scheduling options offered for free… how exactly would you feel about it? At a high level, you do not get more than 1 trig byte of space, which is again a big constraint, and that's again another big turn off!

Of course, in last one year or so, there have been many strict measures taken against these loopholes in hosting industry, but it won't be wrong to say that there are countless more loopholes to be patched, and I'll keep updating this list as I come across any new web hosting scams in the industry.
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