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Common Hosting Issues

Dealing with common hosting issues isn't as easy as it sounds; caps of data storage, and the network capacity can jeopardize the growth of a hosting company to a great extent. There are several challenges with integration, and infrastructural expansion that need to be considered as well.

Why Should a Hosting Provider Focus on Mobile Security?
With the surge of malware and phishing attacks on mobile users, security has quickly become a serious concern... So, here's why hosting providers must focus upon this aspect very carefully.

What is Heartbleed Virus and How Is it Affecting the Hosting Industry?
The heart bleed virus has left the security experts baffled across all industries, but it has been the lives of top level offers in financial institutions and hosting agencies all the more miserable in particular. So, let's take a quick look into the top reasons why it's such a threat, and how to minimize the risk.

Microsoft Draws XP Support, Leaving Windows Hosting Providers Vulnerable!
Windows XP had certainly been the most popular OS of its era, but it's now highly vulnerable as MS has withdrawn support, and it's crucial for end-users to upgrade a recent Windows version.

Avoiding Unplanned Downtimes While Upgrading Hosting Network Infrastructure
Hosting network infrastructure upgrade isn't a cake-walk to say the least. So, here are a few suggestions to minimize the unplanned down-times that customers absolutely hate to see!

Learn to Value Customer Feedback
It's very critical to learn to value customer feedback in web hosting industry, and here's what you ought to learn from them.

Dealing With 4 Major Challenges Faced by Small Hosts
Let's take a quick look at 4 major challenges faced by small web hosts.

Beware – Your Hosting Firm Could be Charged for Hosting Torrent Sites
Presence of any objectionable site on a shared server can pose serious threats to not only all the other websites hosted on that server, but even put the web host in legal trouble.

Sub-Par Customer Support Can be Devastate Your Hosting Empire
Gone are the days when customers cared just about the price of hosting packages, and the features; today, customer support can make or break the game, and sub-par support can mean disaster for your hosting empire.

Top Reasons to Review All the Policies of Your Web Hosting Provider
It's very important to review the policies of your web hosting provider, and read the fine print to find out any hidden surprises that may haunt you after a few months.

How to Examine the Authenticity of Web Hosting Review Sites?
There are hundreds of so-called web hosting review sites out there, but how do you really examine their authenticity? Well, here's how you can go about finding a host, and cross-checking the authenticity of recommendations given by a hosting review site.

Tete-a-Tete with Some of the Latest Hosting Scams
This article throws light on some of the latest web hosting scams that have stormed the hosting industry over the past 12 months, and spotlight on lesser known facts about some of the famous web hosts.

Common Hosting Issues and Ideas to Tackle Them
Starting a web hosting business isn't a cakewalk, and there are whole lot of issues involved in the process of setting up, and running a web hosting company. Here are some common issues, and ideas to deal with them.

Ideas to Deal With Data Capacity Issues
Dealing with data capacity issues isn't as simple as it sounds, especially if you run a web hosting company with your own infrastructure rather than just reselling hosting space. Here are some ideas to deal with capacity issues in the web hosting arena.

Cloud Computing Issues
Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform has been gaining widespread popularity with every passing day, but find out more about the data capacity issues in cloud computing as well before you make a move!

Amazon EC2 Problems
When you consider the rapport of EC2, Amazon's problems like the recent outage have been the only glitches that have harmed their reputation; otherwise Ec2 is extremely popular in the market today; here's an insight.

Importance of Network Security Penetration Testing
If you run a web hosting business, network penetration testing is of great importance to ensure good security levels of your server, and in turn safeguard the data of your customers; here's more to it.

Importance of Providing Malware Help to Your Customers
What do you do when one of your customers report an attack on their website – do you offer any malware help or simply tell your customers that there isn't much you can do about it, and ask them to contact their web developer, or check the error logs on their own?

3 Things that a New Web Host Can Learn from HostGator
Top web hosting providers like HostGator have definitely got a great rapport, but they're also known for a few small things, which can actually cause big damages to reputation of small hosting firms. So, here are 3 lessons that a new hosting firm must learn from them.

3 Mistakes That Can Kill a Web Hosting Business
New web hosting firms need to learn a lot of things, but definitely not the harder way after committing mistakes that ruin their rapport in the market. Here are 3 things one can learn from GoDaddy.

Malware threats are on the rise again, and this time the Blackhole exploit...
Malware threats to serve the Blackhole exploit kit have become a serious threat; so, let's see how to face the terror of the Blackhole exploit kits, and minimize their impact.

Top Reasons Behind Failure of Hosting Companies
Did you know that more than 50% of the US and Canadian hosting businesses run into losses, and as per the latest figures, only a handful of them actually make it into the big league; here are the top reasons behind the failure of majority of the hosting firms.

Tips for Handling Dynamic Websites during Hosting Migration
It's not easy to deal with dynamic sites, especially during the migration, so here are 5 resourceful tips that can help you out in the process.

Importance of Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction as a Web Host
You need to keep your existing customers happy with the quality of services, alongside generating more business. Unless you manage to keep the customer satisfaction rate very high, you can't really hope to gain lot of popularity in the highly competitive hosting markets.

Tips for Dealing With DMCA Takedown Requests as a Web Host
This article describes some of the resourceful tips to deal with DMCA take-down requests as a web hosting provider.

Handy Tips for Dealing With Domain Name Infringement Disputes
Domain Name Infringement disputes have become quite common, and as a web hosting provider, you ought to learn the UDRP rules, and know how to hackle such cases efficiently.

Avoiding the Common Small Business Web Hosting Obstacles
Small business owners have plenty of problems to deal with, and they certainly don't want their share of hosting woes to make matters worse. So, here are some tips to keep the small business hosting problems at bay, and a quick word for web hosts to keep such clients happy.

How to Offer a Safe and Secure Dedicated Server to Your Hosting Customers?
When you offer dedicated hosting, there are lot of aspects that you need to pay attention to. Here's all that you need to know about offering a secure server to your customers.

Dealing With Drop In Hosting Sales During Festive Times
The slow-down in hosting sales figures during the festive times can haunt small hosting players big time. If you're still recovering from the recent set-back during past festive season, and wondering how to survive this year, these tips will certainly be of great help.

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