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Dedicated Hosting

VPS and dedicated hosting are essentials for the medium to large size online businesses that require high bandwidth, and large storage space, regular back-ups, and various other things that aren't available in a shared hosting package.

Brief Comparison of Hyper-V VPS and Virtuozzo
You must have heard of Hyper-V VPS and Virtuozzo, even if you haven't tried both of them quite yet. If you've been using any one of them blindly, you should certainly read this comparison to be able to make a smarter choice.

Future of Dedicated Hosting in the Cloud Markets!
While cloud hosting certainly seems to be the best way going forward, managed dedicated hosting isn't likely to lose its demand any time sooner either; so as a host, your best bet would be to include both of them in your portfolio.

How to Make a Gmod Dedicated Server?
Every avid gamer usually looks out for Gmod server hosting, but not too many hosting providers currently offer garrys mod dedicated server, so it could be a fantastic idea to enter this niche hosting market.

Web Hosting Plans for Starting a Small Hosting Business
To start up a small web hosting company, you need not spend a whole lot of money; here are some cool choices to start a new hosting company, without worrying about setting up billing operations, taking care of technical support, or anything else except finding customers for your company.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting
Cloud hosting is one of the most popular hosting strategies at the moment, and this article explains what cloud hosting is, and its differences with cloud hosting with dedicated hosting.

Need for Dedicated Hosting for Your Business
Dedicated hosting can ensure hassle-free operation, and ensure greater up-time guarantee than conventional share hosting. Additionally, shared hosting doesn't suffice for media-extensive apps, as well as huge traffic and bandwidth requirements. But, when you take a dedicated server, you can also consider reselling web space too.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful VPS Provider?
VPS web hosting is one of the most powerful money grooming businesses on the internet; however, one needs to be ready to face lot of challenges if they want to become a successful VPS provider.

Reasons to Invest on Dedicated IP Hosting
Dedicated IP hosting can safeguard your web apps and website from a number of online threats, and it's highly recommended for hosting important security web apps as well as websites that have specific requirements. And, almost half of the customers want static web hosting at one point or the other, so as a web host, you shouldn't disappoint them.

Essential Components of Managed Dedicated Hosting Packages
A fully managed dedicated hosting package must comprise of all essential features that allow a website owner to sit-back, relax, and watch his/her website/web-apps being managed with great professionalism. There's no specific check-list, but following are the essential components that a managed dedicating hosting package must comprise of!

The Need for CRM Hosting
With great rise in demand of CRM hosting, it can be a great idea to include it in your hosting portfolio, because most of the large corporate companies would look for CRM hosting at one point or the other, and that'd be your chance to grab some serious business as a host.

When Should You Enter Private Server Hosting Arena?
Researching the best private server in the market, so as to offer something better to your customers; find out everything about the best private servers here.

Setting Up Steam Dedicated Hosting
Counter Strike fans would most certainly want to enjoy the fun of running a steam dedicated server, and experience the pleasure of multi-player gaming. Here's a short guide for setting up a steam dedicated server using "HLDS Update Tool".

The Reason Behind Popularity of Windows VPS
There are plenty of benefits of virtual server hosting on Windows platform; let's take a look at some of the important aspects that have greatly aided in constant increase in popularity of virtual private servers running on Windows.

Pros and Cons of Windows VPS Hosting
Windows VPS services come with their own share of pros and cons; so, let's try to uncover the good bad and ugly things about Windows VPS.

Benefits of VPS: Security Improvements Over Shared Hosting
Not many of the folks consider the security benefits of VPS, so let's see the security improvements that they offer over shared hosting environment.

Reasons Why You Should Pick Cloud Hosting Over Dedicated Servers
In this modern cloud computing era, it might sound ridiculous to hear any justifications on choosing cloud hosting over a dedicated server, but since I realized that most of the websites on the Internet highlight only the benefits of cloud computing, I thought it'd be only fair to do a neutral comparison.

Who Should Consider Unmanaged VPS Hosting and Why?
Unmanaged VPS hosting can be advantageous for customers who know how to configure a web server, and perform all the tasks, and a great option for providers who don't have enough support staff, but there are several downsides to it too; here are all the pros and cons of unmanaged hosting...

Spotlight on Benefits of Semi-Dedicated Hosting
For those of you who aren't really aware of benefits of semi-dedicated hosting, and how it's different from shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting, here's an insight.

5 Aspects to Consider for Grabbing a Worthy VPS Web Hosting Deal
There are literally countless VPS providers in the market, but finding the best one can be quite tricky, so here are a 5 secrets to grabbing the best VPS deals in the current markets.

Top 4 Hosting Security Threats for Dedicated Server Users
Dedicated hosting comes with several advantages over VPS and shared hosting, but then the dedicated server users also need to deal with security threats too. So, here are the top 4 security issues that have been haunting the dedicated server users for many years.

Choosing the Right Type of Hosting at Different Stages of Business
When it comes to choosing business web hosting services, there are three major choices – shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Here's an insight into choosing the right type of hosting at different stages of business.

5 Major Differences between Leased and Managed Dedicated Servers
Confused between a managed server, and a leased dedicated server? Well, here are the top differences, which may help you in making a smart choice in terms of selection.

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