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cPanel 11.34 & New WHM Interface Goes into RELEASE tier


WHM 11.34
cPanel recently announced the formal release of its all-new 11.34 version of cPanel & WHM software. The company announced the new software version to RELEASE tier on Monday October 29, 2012. The WHM had looked all the same through the years, but with the latest upgrade, it looks a lot nicer.

Upgrades in the Latest cPanel Version

The upgrade includes many improvements that are based on customer's and partner's feedback and demands. The new features that are part of the upgraded software include:

• Support for Web Disk has been included for Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and Apple's Mountain Lion OSX. Apart from this update, the company will soon be including iOS and Android clients.

• Email Archiving is one of the enticing inclusions in 11.34. With the help of this feature, now the customers can seamlessly store, access and track emails.

• An interface for New Hooks Management is built in WHM.

• WHM receives a great super sleek interface, which not only enhances the looks, but also makes its functionality all the more stress-free.

• Auto configuration utilities of email client have been upgraded, in order to support the new mail clients as well as Apple's Mountain Lion OSX.

• The complete system for service monitoring has been improved to offer better notifications and robustness of automatic repair has also been improved.

• WHM has a page called Feature Showcase, which alerts the customers to login and check any changes that have been made due to cPanel & WHM upgrades.

Noteworthy UI Changes

The new UI looks lot trendier than before, and the WHM has certainly transformed into a high intuitive interface, yet the overall functionality of the interface hasn't been changed too much. The new look of the WHM interface makes it vastly easier on the eyes, and gives it the much needed refresh that had been perhaps long due. At the same time, the original layout including the placement of categories hasn't been tampered with. This essentially means that the existing users won't find it tough to locate the options of performing various operations such as creating a user, package, or any other functionality for that matter.

Beware! You Can't Roll Back to Older Version

It is important to note that after upgrading to the new 11.34 version of this hosting control panel, the customers won't be able to roll back to the older version, and this upgrade must be performed after carefully ascertaining that you really want to make a move to the cPanel 11.34 version.

So, go ahead and try out the new look and feel of the cPanel and WHM if you're a cPanel user, otherwise you can check out these handy cPanel alternatives.
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