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5 Cool Control Panels Capable of Competing With cPanel


cPanel is most certainly the most preferred control panel, and there are plenty of control panels in the market, which often confuse the webmasters. However, not all of them are easy to use, and some of them are totally disliked by the customers.

If you are confused about the selection of control panels, then take a look at few of these good alternatives to cPanel.

Parallel Plesk: Of course, Plesk Control panel is one of the best alternatives to cPanel, and we've compiled a detailed review of Plesk, so we'll be looking at the other options in this list.

1. AlternC: It is basically a great open source software, which is quite easy to install and use as well.

AlternC is user friendly, and it's capable of managing large hosting services, and offers plenty of features. The licensed AlternC GPL provides automatic installation, configuration and web based control panels. Few of the web services provided by the software are domain control, ftp accounts, email configuration, website statistics, and you can literally do everything that cPanel offers… The documentation and user manuals are available in French, though the translations are available in English too.

2. Baifox: It is yet another GPL control panel, which is great for managing hosting services. The unique feature of this control panel is that it is lighter than most of the other controls panels; it offloads the work from the server and does not disturb too much either. Hence, the performance of the server remains unaffected, and the CPU consumption low.

3. Cube Panel: This is for the automating all the operations of the server and helps you in using the services in a better, faster, and efficient way at a lower cost. There are three service levels namely the ADMINISTRATOR, CLIENT and DOMAIN. This control panel is available for both Linux and Windows operating platforms. The theme, skin, logo and language are customizable too, and it makes a great alternative to cPanel for sure.

4. Cwipanel: It is specifically developed to operate on the Windows platform, and basically the need for managing hosting services for Windows platform gave birth to this control panel. It has been automated completely and, tested intensively for two consecutive years at the E-Insites quite successfully. This comes with one server license and allows the user to add any number of domains under it.

5. DTC: Domain Technology Control is an open source GPL control panel, which is pretty simple to use too. The controls for creating sub-domains, emails and ftp accounts are left to the user's discretion; by making use of the web-based GUI provided in the panel, one can perform these tasks effortlessly, and it's also possible to customize most of the things.

It supports MYSQL, Postfix 2, Dovecot, and almost everything that you'd want to work with. There are different language options also available in DTC, such as English, French, German, Chinese, Dutch, and Italian.

However, it needs to be monitored everyday by the server administrator in case you have to update the web files, DNS or even mail hosting details on daily basis.

So, there you have 5 cool alternatives to cPanel - go ahead, and try them to find out the one that best suits your needs. But, if you're planning to start a hosting company, and offer these to your customers, then you must beware of the consequences, if they don't like it. It's not recommended to try such control panels for the first time - you must give few choices to your customers, and of course cPanel and Parallel's Plesk are the most obvious choices in the hosting arena, but then their licenses are costlier too.

More Options

Some of the other control panel available in the market include -

• Virtualmin
• H-Sphere
• Lxadmin
• ISPConfig
• SysCP
• Webmin
• EBox
• Hosting Controller
• DirectAdmin

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