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Control Panels

Control panels allow you to exercise control over your web logs, files, MySQL databases etc. There are various types of control panels, and cPanel is the most popular one, followed by Plesk.

cPanel 11.34 & New WHM Interface Rolled Out
The newest version of cPanel & WHM Interface have finally been finally rolled out into the RELEASE tier, and the users can now try out the goodness of latest features in version 11.34.

Plesk Control Panel Review
There are several types of control panels, and each of them offers something unique to the user, and Plesk is one of the most popular ones; here’s an insight to Parallels Plesk control panel.

Comparing the Popular Control Panels in Hosting Markets
Need to compare the popular web hosting control panels like cPanel, Hpshere, Plesk, Ensim, and Direct Admin to find the best bet for your hosting business; here's some help!

Why is Windows Plesk Hosting So Popular?
Windows Plesk hosting is fairly popular amongst the enterprise users; in this article, let's take a quick look at the reasons behind popularity of this fantastic combination.

Beginners Guide to cPanel Hosting
Look at this guide to using cPanel for all the beginner-level users, which lists out all the essential features.

Understanding CHMOD File Permissions in Web Hosting?
This article throws more light on how file permissions are changed and is aimed at helping the beginners in understanding CHMOD file permissions.

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