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Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is the next big thing in the web hosting arena; find out difference between hosting and cloud computing, importance of cloud hosting, and why you should make the move towards cloud hosting.

Data Breach Costing Big to Companies Due to Unapproved Cloud Apps
Reports of data breaches due to unauthorized cloud apps have been on the rise, but how costly can such breaches really turn out to be, for the enterprises? This article outlines how deep cloud storage solutions and other apps have penetrated deep into most of the IT firms.

What Really Ensures Success of Data-Center Deployment in Cloud Computing?
Let us see what really defines success of Datacenter Deployment in Cloud Computing environment.

Top Benefits of Using Cloud as a Service
Cloud as a Service offers plenty of benefits over the conventional approach, and if you're a web hosting provider, you've every reason to consider it, in case you aren't already offering this choice to your customers.

4 Future Trends of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has been one of the biggest technological advancements, and it has literally transformed the hosting industry. Here's a quick insight into the 4 probable trends in cloud arena that'll make a huge difference in 2014-15.

Top Reasons Why Hosts Should Bank Big on Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is definitely the future of hosting industry, and here are 4 reasons why you should be betting big on the cloud model, and moving away from dedicated network infrastructure.

Benefits of Offering Managed Cloud Services
Managed cloud hosting has gained a lot of popularity of late, and this post highlights the top benefits of including it in your portfolio as a hosting provider.

9 Threats to Cloud Industry in 2013
This article presents an insight into top 9 threats to cloud computing in 2013. DDoS attacks, which were never on the list of the top issues, have become 5th most crucial issue, and one of the biggest issues is data-loss caused by cloud providers themselves.

Changes Expected in Web Hosting Industry for 2014
2014 is just around the corner, and as a hosting provider, you need to prepare to take on newer challenges during the next year.

Comparing the Cloud Services of Amazon Microsoft and VMware
Here's a closer look at the cloud services of Microsoft, VMWare, and Amazon.

Oracle Hopes Hardware to Play Important Role in Future Cloud Technologies
Will the future cloud technologies be hardware-dependent? Well, at least Oracle feels so, and here are my cents on why that may actually happen in near future!

Is Cloud Computing Beneficial for Small Businesses?
Is cloud computing really beneficial for small business owners? Well, cloud hosting may certainly be the latest buzzword, but that doesn;t necessarily make it the best bet for all types of businesses, especially the new ones...

Amazon Introduces Another Cloud Contender in form of Glacier
When you talk about cloud storage, the very first name that'd come in your mind is of course Amazon, the cloud giant who started it all with Ec2 and S3 cloud storage services.

Understanding Flash Media Server Hosting
The days of flash are far from over, and the demand for flash media server hosting is going to fade too soon. So, if you're a small hosting firm try to tap into a niche market, flash media server hosting is certainly the way to go.

Is Google Drive Better than Dropbox?
Google's new cloud storage solution is definitely much more than just another Dropbox alternative, so I thought it would make perfect sense to present a comparative analysis of Google Drive vs Dropbox!

Google Drive – The New Contender in Cloud Storage Market
Google Drive has entered the cloud storage markets at last, but alas, it doesn't look anything more than a sophisticated and improvized clone of DropBox; here's more to it.

Discovering the AWS EC2 Podium
AWS EC2 platform offers a plethora of benefits, and completely flexibility to manage the hosting needs, making it a hot choice not amongst the customers, but also the hosting providers too.

Cloud Computing Trends
Discover the latest cloud computing trends, and find out why pure cloud computing model is not always the right choice in every situation.

Tips for Building Data Center for Cloud Hosting Environment
Wondering how to build a data center for cloud hosting? Here are the top 3 aspects that one must consider for building a data center.

Understanding Cloud Hosting and Differences With Dedicated Hosting
Cloud hosting is one of the most popular hosting strategies at the moment, and this article explains what cloud hosting is, and its differences with cloud hosting with dedicated hosting.

How Competitive Is Amazon Cloud Computing Pricing?
Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform has been gaining widespread popularity with every passing day, but how competitive the Amazon cloud computing pricing really is? Well, find out more about the EC2, Amazon's cloud computing and digital text platform.

Amazon S3 Pricing and Comparison With Close Rivals
This article presents a brief comparison between Amazon S3 and its close rivals like Dropbox and detailed insight to Amazon S3 pricing.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is the most popular form of hosting these days, on account of the enormous advantages it offers.

5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is the Buzzword Today!
For those who don't know what the cloud has hot to offer, it may not be too obvious why cloud computing has become the buzzword all of a sudden. So, here's an insight to cloud hosting, and its benefits.

Is Google's EC2 Competitor for Real?
Google has been harnessing the cloud power since time immemorial, and it's high time Google's EC2 competitor turned into reality.

Understanding What Cloud Hosting Really Is!
If you're new to the cloud arena, then the very first question that'd pop-up in your mind is obviously - "what is cloud hosting", and how it really works; well, then find the answers to all those questions boiling inside your brain right here!

Amazon EC2 Glossary
Amazon's EC2 platform has been the center of attention of all the cloud users, and cloud hosting providers.

Will iCloud Finally be Apple’s Ladder to Success in Cloud Arena?
Apple iCloud has been unveiled at 2011 WWDC, and it looks like the Company's trump card that's going to change things around radically!

Top Dropbox Alternatives
Well, if you are not amongst those who prefer Dropbox then here are 5 cool Dropbox alternatives that excel over it, in various aspects.

Google Driving Pricing
Google Drive is finally here, and it looks like a decent cloud storage solution, which is much cheaper than DropBox, and Box.net, though it isn't any cheaper than Microsoft SkyDrive, and Amazon S3!

Amazon Launches a Managed Caching Service in the Cloud: ElastiCache
Amazon ElastiCache is the new managed caching service for the Amazon cloud users, which makes the implementation and operation of web apps in AWS lot easier than before.

How Competitive is the Amazon Elasticache Pricing?
Amazon Elasticache pricing is considered quite competitive by most of the folks, and it's preferred by those who need high speed access to their web apps, allowing companies to focus on their engineering process more than worrying about managing the memory part.

Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting
The benefits of cloud website hosting are quite evident, and all the big guns in the IT industry are making a move towards the cloud... At the same time, new businesses are also looking at cloud hosting solutions, presenting a whole new realm of opportunities for the cloud hosting providers, which don't need to worry about getting enough clients...

Best Cloud Computing Vendors
Find out the cloud computing leaders in the market, try to analyze why they're best in the business, and catch a glimpse of their latest offerings.

How Competitive is the Rackspace Cloud Drive?
Rackspace cloud drive is definitely a worthy competitor in the cloud storage arena, but with the entry of Google Drive, competition has become a whole lot tougher. Here's quick review of Rackspace cloud storage, and few things new cloud storage providers can learn from this service.

Google Compute Engine Infrastructure - the Latest Entry in Cloud Arena
Google Compute engine is out, and it currently a long list of cloud computing services offered by various big guns ranging from Amazon, DropBox, Apple, down to arch-rival Microsoft.

VMWare Launches Another Service in Cloud Markets
VMware has come out with yet another brand new cloud management service, which will help the company in strengthening its stronghold in this fiercely competitive cloud market.

Spotlight on the Best Cloud Hosting Providers
When you take a look at the best cloud hosting providers in the current market, you'd only see big names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and SalesForce dominating the market. But, the demand for cloud services is extremely high, clearly indicating the possibility for few more companies making it big in the cloud hosting market...

Amazon Shocks Everyone with 25% Drop in AWS Pricing
Amazon has indeed given a shocker to most of its rivals with a massive 25% price drop across various regions, which now makes it even harder for the rivals to compete.

Role Played by Cloud Computing in terms of Resource Scalability
Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits to organizations of all kinds, and scalability is one among the biggest benefits of cloud.

Equinix and Several Other Telecom Giants to Setup Data Centers in Middle East
APAC and Middle Eastern countries seem to be attracting lot of telecom companies and cloud providers who're looking to expand overseas, and many of them are setting up new data centers in Dubai and UAE of late.

Understanding How Private Cloud Computing Can Be Beneficial for Businesses
This post throws quick light on the top benefits of Private Cloud Computing.

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