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Om Thoke

Om Thoke

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Om is an expert web content manager, and seasoned writer, and he has been a hosting advisor since 2004. He also runs online programming, SEO and blogging classes to help the students, and newbies to progress in their career. He's a technology savvy entrepreneur who loves to share his knowledge through his blogs, and has worked for many reputed IT companies.


Om has been managing a shared web hosting and SEO company for the past three years, and he has vast experience in the field of web design, programming, and content writing as well as management. He also runs several websites, and blogs providing programming help in form of free online web programming tutorials for beginner level programming enthusiasts. He writes for several top notch writing communities such as BrightHub, eHow, CNET, and several local magazines.


Om received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from the University of VTU, Karnataka, India. He has developed many Wordpress themes, custom web apps, and hundreds of websites. You can follow him on Google+

By Om Thoke:

The Web Hosting forum is geared towards those who're planning to start a web hosting business, or those who wish to kick-start a new online business, and looking for help to select the right hosting provider.


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